The Road to the Future is Electric

In a quickly evolving world, ADVANCE EDIFICATION gives battery development, commercialisation and versatile stock


ADVANCE EDIFICATION assist the car business with creating battery innovations that give a stage change in execution. As every one of our cells are made in the UK, it ensures security of supply in a quickly advancing business sector and evolving world. Our completely confirmed Ultra Power and Ultra High-Power cells will be delivered end of 2021, with cutting edge models accessible second 50% of this current year.


The flight business is under expanding investigation and strain to diminish its carbon impression by finding elective without carbon innovations and fabricating these into aeroplane plans in a hurry. Our Ultra High Power and Ultra Energy Cells delivered for creation end of 2021, groups the exhibition attributes that help the advancement of full electric and cross breed frameworks. Our Ultra Safe cells are likewise impeccably positioned to give energy stockpiling to assistant power frameworks.

Specialised Markets

From profound water use, to high temperature conditions, ADVANCE EDIFICATION are fostering a scope of battery innovations that can be conveyed and utilized in modern inventory chains to convey the right power for the right application, at the ideal opportunity, and help the excursion to carbon nonpartisan Industry.


Speed, flexibility


Heavy performance


Complex on-demand works

Good rates

The best market rates.


New cell technology for challenging and remote operating environmentst.

  • An assortment of battery advances that can be created for use in brutal or distant conditions, and coordinated into framework plans
  • Our Ultra Safe battery is dependent on sodium-particle, for use in security basic conditions
  • Cell improvement through to assembling for explicit applications and customers.

Our Markets

ADVANCE EDIFICATION is dispatching a progression of cutting edge items dependent on new sciences and cell structures that are intended to take care of key issues in power conveyance, energy execution, and security.

These cutting edge items are created to help markets where power, wellbeing and testing conditions need new battery sciences and cell execution. Our specialized turn of events and designing greatness permit us to give a stage change in cell improvement and offer these for sale to the public to tackle key power and energy challenges in probably the most in fact progressed markets.


Smart people invent smart solutions

Our Products

A focus on design for manufacture

Ultra High-Power

The Ultra High-Power item has been created with the auto business.
The Ultra High-Power item has been created with the auto business. The critical property of this cell is its capacity to convey power at an exceptionally high rat

Ultra Energy

The item is planned around the energy needs of the market,
The item is planned around the energy needs of the market, and is accessible in 21700 round and hollow cell design. The cell is intended to give market-

Ultra Safe

Sodium-particle science conveys an elite presentation,
Sodium-particle science conveys an elite presentation, innately protected and savvy battery answer for key applications,


Our team is leader in make easier for organisations to work and grow on an international scale.

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Head of Operations


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