Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves. Repair and mechanic solutions for businesses.


Large-scale construction requires collaboration across multiple disciplines a project manager normally manages the job and a architect supervises it.

From initial chemistry to scalable product

ADVANCE EDIFICATION Power helps our customers in the improvement of new battery cell innovation, with an emphasis on plan for produce. The group has broad involvement with electro-science, cell innovation advancement, fabricating process improvement and disentanglement, quality control, scaling for assembling and putting up new item for sale to the public.

  • High Energy Density Lithium-particle Cells (LCO, NCA, NMC) normally utilized in low rate, long term applications where space envelope is restricted and execution past business off-the-rack cell innovation is required.
  • High Power Density Lithium-particle Cells (LFP, NMC, high power anodes) normally utilized in high rate applications like HEV, PHEV, Drones.
  • Progressed cells fusing new advancements including Sodium-particle normally being applied to electric vehicle and sustainable power stockpiling applications.
  • Battery Packs and Systems working with key accomplices fusing progressed cells, BMS and control.
  • Fabricating process plan and improvement.

Small Scale Manufacture

We produce progressed Lithium battery cells, create and supply battery-powered Li-particle and non-battery-powered Lithium cells. We likewise give an assembling administration to customer organizations, delivering cells for their benefit.

We have the adaptability to produce an expansive scope of sciences and cell types in pocket or tube shaped organizations for our customers under sub-contract or as a Licensee.

  • Pocket and barrel shaped cell producing ability.
  • Full start to finish fabricating line interaction, taking care of and quality control systems.
  • Capacity to deal with standard and non-standard cell and pocket sizes.

Test module, packs and systems for niche applications

We work with a plan and assembling office who have a group of designing experts with broad experience who draw on customary designing practices while applying cutting edge innovations to make and supply batteries for Automotive, E-versatility, Energy stockpiling and Industrial compact applications. Regardless of whether you as of now have a battery plan idea or are attempting to foster an item that requires a custom battery framework, we are equipped for supporting tasks with a start to finish plan and assembling arrangement.


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